Use cases
Smart tracking
Combining the application of the most advanced GPS device in the auto industry with Tago capabilities, users are able to easily track not only the location of their vehicles, but also the driver behavior, engine status, fuel level, and be alerted about vehicle malfunctions. Users and supervisors can opt for weekly reports and SMS notifications. With the addition of sensors, it is possible to identify the driver, the temperature of special loads or data from any other sensor. All information is available in real-time, and the data can be shared to create new valuable applications, such as notify when the vehicles reach certain locations or status.
Adding functionalities and flexibility
Beyond the traditional sensors presented in a weather station, the new high precision weather station from Ativa captures and transmit image in real-time that are easily visualized at Tago dashboard. Any sensor information from the station can be processed in a context, since Tago also offers weather service for any location worldwide. Now, Ativa customers have a new way to customize their applications to a very lean or sophisticate visualization, and add advanced data analytics as needed.
Reducing downtime, improving experience
Backup generators are mission critical equipment by default. That is why good maintenance and understanding of the operation is so important for users and manufacturers. Now, companies can not only monitor their equipment remotely, but also make better predictions about when to service or alert customers. Also, with the share capabilities of Tago, manufacturers can easily and securely share their data set with final users and partners (service, distributors, authorities, rental companies, and others). The ready-to-go App for Android and iOS gives peace of mind for supervisors and users.
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