Fabiano Eger

Industry Webinar: Smart Buildings enabled by IoT that delivers

In this Webinar we learn about IoT use cases in the Buildings sector, including water leak detection, indoor tracking, energy monitoring, and more. We present the features and tools that TagoIO provides to develop a complete custom end-to-end solution with the best network and sensor providers in the industry.

SKOMUNIKACJA Smart Factory for Coal Mine

SKOMUNIKACJA offers various solutions for industries, with their application helping clients to manage utilities, such as: electricity, water, gas, and heat. Measurements are taken at media consumption points, and the flow of that media inside the factory is then analysed. In addition to that, during the analysis, media measurements are correlated with other factors such as temperature, sunlight, and machine operation time.

Utilities Sensor for Natural Gas Meters

Enablers chose TagoIO as their partner to handle the metering data, its storage, and the analyses based on analytics on-the-go. The company has teamed up with TagoIO to provide its clients a reliable, well-built solution with easy access to data, alarms, for the large amount of data generated by their devices.

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