How TagoIO is working with 3G SOFT to bring Plug and Play Solutions to Market

IoT — or the system of connecting things, people, sensors, devices, and other technologies to networks that can be monitored and controlled with services — has seen tremendous growth recently and, as this growth is forecast to continue at staggering rates, the market is looking for ready-made solutions now more than ever. 

That’s why it has become so important to see the emergence of IoT providers that can provide the market with critical IoT solutions, which is exactly what we see with companies like 3G Soft Soluções Inteligentes. 

3G Soft was founded in 2017 as an IoT solution provider startup from Joinville, Brazil that sought to bring Plug and Play IoT Solutions to market. They developed telemanagement for remote control of public lighting systems through the use of IoT, and the solution proved to be robust, allowing 3G Soft time to expand their portfolio and create other applications such as: telemetry for water metering; cold chain asset monitoring; telemetry for industrial machines; and solutions for special projects based on IoT.

Dashboard Image from 3G Soft

But 3G Soft also knew they were going to need a technology platform with whom they could partner with and rely on to enable them to bring the best possible solutions forward, in the shortest amount of time, regardless of the technology involved or how complex it was — making IoT faster and more effective overall, therefore reinforcing the purpose of 3G Soft. 

So, they turned to TagoIO, and it was a decision that proved to be the right, safe, and flexible one. TagoIO was one of the tools of choice for 3G Soft from the beginning because of how powerful, versatile, user-friendly it is, and because it allowed their business model to become robust, agile, and effortlessly scalable. And while with TagoIO, the platform itself is not necessarily plug and play immediately, its high versatility allows companies like 3G Soft to utilize the platform to create and provide the market with those much-needed plug and play solutions. 

Some of the first sectors included in the Plug and Play Solutions that 3G Soft has developed include: 

  1. Smart Cities 
  2. Industry 4.0 – IIoT 
  3. Retail 
  4. Facilities 

More recently, 3G Soft has jointly experimented with Univille University in Joinville,SC to create IoT Live Lab, a live laboratory of R&D-IoT that enables the application of technologies and the creation and prototyping of applications before launching them to expand the reach of IoT in nations like Brazil. 

With IoT solutions becoming increasingly popular — and required — in Brazil and throughout the globe, 3G Soft will continue to team up with TagoIO as a strategic IoT platform partner to create IoT Solutions that businesses need in the Brazilian IoT market. 

IoT is a growing and evolving field, so it’s important to work with IoT providers who can provide you with the solutions that will help your business grow. 3G Soft teamed up TagoIO as their IoT provider of choice because they have proven time and again that they are able to help deliver high-quality IoT solutions — no matter how complex or niche their needs may be. And especially from this partnership, we’re seeing truly great things emerge! 


Currently, in most cities there is no real-time monitoring of street lighting conditions, so manual inspection is required, and it is not possible to change and customize the lighting level depending on the intensity of daylight. This involves energy inefficiency and higher operating costs, in addition, of course, to the payment that is still made at an average value per point, during 11:52 min, as per normative instruction 414/2010. 


3G SOFT Smart solutions provides a cloud-based application based on IoT connectivity platform ideal for cities to drastically reduce their electricity costs when using connected LED lamps, equipped with IoT smart photocells to make intelligent lighting systems that can be monitored remotely, in addition to collecting additional information such as consumption, current, voltage, temperature, slope, impact, on/off, power outage and geolocation on public roads and being able to adapt lighting according to the period, being able to schedule time bands with different powers that best suit night life in cities. 


  • Reduced operating costs by more than 40% 
  • Reduction in the electric energy bill of public lighting by more than 55% when combined with Led luminaires and IoT Photosensors 
  • Reduction of pollution and CO2 emissions 
  •  Increased safety and sustainability of cities 

In addition, it is possible to optimize and customize, on the same platform, ancillary revenues such as telemetry of water and gas systems, monitoring of microclimate and air quality, in addition to a range of assets across the entirety of cities. 

Becoming a future-proof platform for cities, utilities and utility service providers for cities. 

Learn more about the IoT initiative and the products from 3G Soft here.