Announcing our revamped Help Center

As our platform continues to grow, and more and more users depend on us every single day for their application’s needs, we saw the need for a redesign when it comes to the support we provide our customers. That is why we’ve decided to launch our continuously improving, customer-focused Help Center with an enormous collection of useful articles, and an easy-to-use way to open new support tickets, and track their status!

Moving forward into this new year, we saw the importance of an improved-upon feature like this one, especially creating one single location where our customers could get access to support documentation for not only TagoIO, but also TagoRUN and TagoCORE.

As our plans continue to expand, this new Help Center will continue to be updated to accommodate any and all of those changes, and we hope that this new endeavor helps to maximize the efficiency of the numerous different applications and use-cases that depend on our platform.

We are eager to see what all of our customers will be able to accomplish with this powerful new resource,

The TagoIO Team

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