mqtt diagram using the tagoio broker for IoT

Big changes to our MQTT Broker

We have great news for our clients using our MQTT broker: in this new version, we are deprecating the static topic tago/data/post, tago/analysis/id and debug/tago in favor of a new mechanism using our well known feature, the TagoIO Action.

From now on, you can use TagoIO Action to take actions based on the data coming from specific or wildcards topics. You can also send data using TagoIO’s JSON format or raw data; if you use raw data, you can easily parse it by using the Device Payload parser.

The TagoIO Action allows you to send an MQTT payload directly to the data Bucket of a device, run an analysis, or even send an SMS or e-mail!

By deprecating the debug/tago topic, you can now see all your connections directly on the Live Inspector, it couldn’t have been made easier to use! You are also now able to check any connection, payload, QOS, Last Will messages, and more.

Learn all about our MQTT in our documentation.

With these changes in place, our Broker is now more powerful than any other MQTT broker on the market.

We hope you enjoy,

TagoIO Team.