Changes on how the entry data is validated.

Hi Everyone, we are making some changes on the entry of device data.
Tago will not try to parse the value to a perfect object anymore.
Check out how it will work.
Before, when you would send a data like:
"variable": "temperature",
"value": "33"

Tago would try to parse the value from “33” (string) to 33 (number). This transformation very helpful to avoid an issue with the wrong format at Tago, however, it was preventing user to send some values as is, for example in some case users want to send and keep a string like “033”, but Tago would convert it automatically to 33 (zero would be eliminated).
Now, Tago will no longer do any automatic conversion, and the value will be stored as is after been validated.
Use the JSON format to send a string 033 as value: “033”, or use the number format to send 033 as value: 33 (the value is a number without quotation marks).
However, the system will check the number format to validate the input. For example, a value: 033a is not valid as it should be a number, and the API will return an error. To send the variable 033a, you should use the format string, which would be in this case value:”033a”.
This new change will be effective on 30th Nov.