Changes on how some services are billed

Several changes planning on the service metrics will benefit customers

Starting this week, TagoIO will start to deliver some changes on how the services are measured in the developer accounts. Most changes are related to moving away from a strict control based on usage hourly to monthly.

These changes impact the services related to Data Input, Data Output, and Analysis execution. Soon, a new payment system will also be deployed to reflect the changes of these metrics on the customer’s billings

Here is a list of the main changes:

New methods applicable to the usage limit of resources:

1.1 The limits for Data Input and Data Output will be counted for the whole month

1.2. We will remove the Data Input peak mechanism (Data Input/min)

Changes on the Analysis service:

2.1 The limits for Analysis will be counted for the whole month (no longer limit to /hour)

2.2 We will change the metric from ‘per run’ to a per duration of execution. Minimum time = 1s.

2.3 Developers can set the analysis timeout from 30 seconds to 15 minutes for each script.

2.4 The Analysis mechanism will be changed to have better log output. Developers can see all the logs generated by each analysis

2.5 Analysis will also have a version control

And, developers will no longer need to use the TagoIO SDK, the new mechanism runs any kind of JavaScript or Python scripts.

TagoIO Team

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