Create beautiful IoT applications using dashboard templates

The user experience of any product may be the key aspect of any successful business. A great UX can make people fall in love with your product, and usually, an attractive and easy-to-understand product will be the first thing to grab a client’s attention.

When it comes to IoT dashboards, UX is even more important. A dashboard is often the user’s first and only interaction with an IoT system. As a result, the user will often stay loyal to an IoT application with a stunning dashboard, especially if it’s intuitive.

Considering the UX design and its importance, TagoIO offers various widgets and customization options for different applications. With these widgets, users can effortlessly build alluring dashboards with all the data they need to display.


Widgets allow you to present your devices’ data in a way that is attractive, concise, and easy to understand. Some notables examples of widgets include:

  • Dynamic tables: They allow you to display multiple data series in a tabular format. You can also configure the table to update automatically as new data comes in.
  • Charts: With TagoIO, you can create line, area, horizontal, vertical, pie, semi donut, and semi pie charts. You can also specify a chart type for each data series.
  • Icons: You can use icons to represent data or devices on your dashboard, while also being able to freely customize their icons.
  • Maps: Visualize your devices on the Map. You can modify each pin’s icon, color, and images; create links, geofences & filters, and more!

IoT dashboards

You can build any type of dashboard according to your needs. Customize the colors, fonts, sizes, spacing, and more. We offer all the tools to make your IoT dashboard look precisely how you want it.

Dashboard Templates

Dashboard templates are a great way to get started with TagoIO. With templates, you can build a beautiful, complete IoT solution for free without prior design experience. Simply select the template on our website, associate it with an IoT device, and adapt the widgets.

The following templates are available, each customizable for a range of IoT solutions and use cases:

Refrigerated Truck Tracker & Telemetry

Temperature, Humidity, and Air Quality

Location tracking

Create and distribute your own dashboard templates!

It’s not only possible to use our templates, but also to design and distribute your own IoT dashboards. This way, you can share your work with the community and help other users get started with TagoIO.

In order to create a template, simply select the “Distribute” option on your dashboard settings and fill in the info about it. Follow this quick tutorial for more details on how to create dashboard templates.