AgrusData delivers high ROI by running on TagoIO

AgrusData, along with TagoIO, is able to provide digital agriculture services at the highest value, for the lowest cost to growers and their cooperatives around the world

AgrusData firmly believes that the strategic use of data, along with the fundamental knowledge of agriculture, is key to reducing costs and increasing productivity in farms. Their motto is “digital farms cost less and value more.”

The company’s predictive digital agriculture solutions deliver technology for precise and rational use in the application of inputs and energy efficiency; the result of these solutions being agriculture with cost savings and respect for natural resources.

AgrusData’s algorithm separates itself from the competition with its treatment and processing of data from multiple sources, which is then converted into highly accurate information to assist in more assertive decision-making.

The company’s team describe themselves as a digital agriculture company specializing in the use of and implementation of IoT infrastructure and systems.

“It is unnecessary to develop technologies in Brazil that are already established and that will become commodities – today, there are sensors sold for cents on the dollar. The algorithms are the key to offering quality services and we need to have critical mass to create them.” – Herlon Oliveira, AgrusData’s CEO

AgrusData considers 6 main frames to generate value for their customers:

  1. Digital Agriculture Sensors – AgrusData determines which type of data the agtech activity will require to provide relevant information and then provides the installation, configuration and maintenance for all of their sensors
  2. Connectivity – AgrusData knows that connectivity in rural areas has always been an issue, so all maintenance, stability and quality of the connection is provided and kept by AgrusData themselves
  3. Cloud Platforms – A proprietary cloud solution allows AgrusData’s customers extreme flexibility, expandability, security, and privacy
  4. TagoIO Dashboard – AgrusData uses the white label version of the TagoIO dashboard; this allows for varying forms of adjustments, altering and accompaniment of data, in a wide variety of metrics, all provided for in real-time to the customers.
  5. Machine Learning – The use of machine learning enables more support for quality decision making, especially as the amount of data delivered and processed continues to expand
  6. Artificial Intelligence [AI] – Provides the ability to determine and execute actions solely based on information and data collected

“After comparing several IoT platforms, we opted for Tago due to its strong device and data management capabilities, and the intuitive and easy to use solution for creating dashboards. By running our analyzes on TagoIO, we were able to provide a robust solution.” – Julio Almeida, AgrusData’s Head Software Dev

AgrusData has been able to provide solutions as efficiently and effectively as possible, such as:

Digital Agriculture as a Service

Algorithms that take the input of local sensors and other sources of data into consideration in order to deliver key information for growers and cooperatives, such as:

• Best planting time based setup
• Best application windows for agrochemicals
• Real-time agrometeorological forecasting
• Production volume forecasting
• Possible harvest dates
• Plantation health (NDVI/EVI)
• Real-time operational efficiency and machinery & implement availability

Connected Silos

Silos with sensors that capture internal and external real-time data that are sent to the AgrusData’s platform and generates real time control for just one or dozens of facilities. Some examples of what sensor data could consist of:

• Volume stocked
• Silo temperature
• Silo humidity
• CO2 levels – carbon dioxide monitoring for grain quality and ch4-methane monitoring for employee safety

Going beyond the visualization, the internal developers implemented scripts that run directly on the TagoIO Analysis module, all in real-time and without the need of the additional time for setup or the hidden costs of external servers. With the proper scripts, the company can basically connect with any type of data source – which is critical to the success of all projects.

Along with the use of TagoIO, AgrusData has been able to provide a 700% return rate over investment to their customers, all while having collected 10 million points of data to assist them in a short period of time.

“We are very satisfied with the platform and plan to expand or solutions using more services and scalable platform capacity, we know we can count on TagoIO.” – Herlon Oliveira, AgrusData’s CEO