Attempo utilizes TagoIO to maximize the efficiency of customers’ resources

Attempo offers state-of-the-art tools for your business, managing your devices, storing data and integrating various services, all in real time. The company combines all that they offer with an extremely agile application and user management system, made simple and easy to use.

Starting with the vision of providing the most efficient overall solution to costumers, Attempo’s leadership team knew that they could not, and should not, try to invest too thinly in the market. The company decided to invest in only a few specific verticals (market segments) that they believed could be leveraged with their current segments.

Attempo provides their solutions in four different verticals:

• Attempo Agro: A module created to efficiently integrate the best of business management alongside field expertise, all with the latest technology. More than connecting sensors, the application includes combining data from weather monitoring services for rain, fire, frost, and others.

• Attempo City: A platform created to integrate, maintain and disseminate information with a focus on municipal administrations and concessionaires. Smart City is one of the areas that the company was already working with alongside agencies and local government to bring the into reality. The project had the clear goal of improving the life of its citizens.

• Attempo Log: A platform with the sole goal of supplying and integrating cutting-edge technology to logistics, transportation, and stock services; all while aiming at increasing productivity and final consumer interaction. Service integrations among different players has created a huge competitive advantage in the logistic sector for Attempo.

• Attempo Travel: A platform created to supply and integrate cutting-edge technology to hotel administrators and their services; all with an aim at increasing guest productivity, interaction and loyalty.

Although each of these verticals had different requirements and user profiles, the company was able to reuse more than 90% of the modules (scripts) — which resulted in a reasonable cost saving opportunity since Attempo owns the complete application.

Attempo utilizes the TagoIO platform and consulting services to achieve maximum efficiency

Playing in a very competitive market, the company had to invest heavily in translating the requirements from customers and internal business developers into specifications for TagoIO’s developer teams. The decision since the start was focused on obtaining maximum efficiency in terms of resource utilization, and of course, in included time.

The company took advantage of the TagoRUN mobile app in order to deploy individual experiences for the users of the different segments. For example, for the Attempo Log application, it was possible to use the native geolocation feature to track not only the deliverer, but also to associate it to the order. When they get close to the destination, the TagoIO back-end system is able to send a notification to the user — all being made to the high level of integration capability available on the platform.

The TagoIO team worked closely to business developers from the company in order to prototype solutions in mere weeks — the process utilized Analysis and created several dashboard prototypes. Each intermediate milestone was an opportunity to collect insights from customers and the business team by presenting functional, yet still developing solution.

“By using an interactive development approach with TagoIO, we have been able to quickly test our solutions while gaining valuable feedback from customers. And the end, this approach saved us a lot of time and money” – Carlos Alberto, Attempo’s CEO