I3C leans on TagoIO to grow its portfolio for IoT

When Maikon and Evandro — who were dissatisfied with the way that companies provided technology around electronic security, IoT, and Industry 4.0— came together to provide excellent consultancy & support to their customers to the fullest extent, I3C Solutions was formed.

The two have the know-how to analyze a client — along with their needs — to determine what tools are necessary to meet their demand. They are also able to evaluate precisely what equipment in the market would be beneficial, and which ones wouldn’t; all of this only being possible when you prioritize the customer over of a brand or company.

The role of the two was not dissimilar from a lawyer; they prioritized & defended their customers from companies whose only wish was to protect their own brands. Their main concepts and ideas were strong, but many aspects of the company would see major alterations.

The company would have to differentiate themselves from their competitors, as customers were already confiding in them for their vast knowledge and industry expertise. That was when the company decided to focus on delivering end-to-end solutions for customers.

One of their first customers was a large pulp and paper company that desperately needed to improve their speed limit radar system for their trucks. I3C swiftly corrected, improved, and went well beyond the initial system by adding people detection & counting, implementing the Genetec security system in two industrial units, and installing several video cameras that further improved the process. The company also strongly invested in several proof-of-concepts (PoC) with drones, fire detection for forests, IoT devices, RFID, and a handful of other new, emerging technologies. One of the projects additionally reduced the theft of assets while also improving the operational costs that resulted in a ROI in fewer than six months.

How are they able to achieve all of this?

I3C Solutions unites production engineers specialized in tools able to identify bottlenecks alongside a certified, highly qualified technical team, working with various market technologies. Together, they are able to develop a truly personalized and unique project tailored precisely to the customer’s demands & needs.

The entire process maintains focus on solving problems — not merely the few clearly defined ones, but all of them; all this while still being able to drive costs down to allow future investments in new improvement projects.

The addition of TagoIO to their process aided in delivering robust technological and business solutions

In 2019, I3C partnered with TagoIO to create awareness of the new possibilities of IoT solutions — that could now be more easily implemented and that can lead to an in increase in the ROI of projects. By utilizing TagoIO’s easy to use dashboards and connector — already available for several IoT devices at TagoIO, the company was a pioneer in the application of LoRaWAN devices for asset tracking, process monitoring, industry 4.0 and others applications.

In order to deliver indisputable value-adding products, the company relies on the special feature such as the Analysis module. With the Analysis from TagoIO, the company is able to generate smart notifications and reports for users and sales teams. These intelligent algorithms are designed by the company, and as it continue to build their portfolio of products and services that could be smoothly scaled up.

“By working side-by-side with TagoIO, I3C have been able to successfully deploy key initiatives that continue to attract and retain customers that now can see the value that IoT can bring to their businesses.” – Maikon Ulrich, I3C’s CTO