How Nortronic, alongside TagoIO is helping to protect Brazil’s wildlife

The screening of wild animals, although not new in Brazil, has always used foreign equipment to instrumentalize research. With economic hardships growing, the importation of equipment had become a nightmare for researches in Brazil. Motivated by these challenges, partners Jean Paul Dubut (with a PhD in electronics), José Eduardo Mantovani (with a PhD in ecology), and Raphael Dantas Ciríaco (with a Masters in electronics) formed NORTRONIC in mid 2013.

NORTRONIC – Northern Electronic Systems Ltd. is a technology company located in the Technological Park of Natal in Brazil. Since its creation, NORTRONIC has grown solidly, expanding its portfolio of equipment and services, and incorporating new technologies. The recent advent of IoT represents yet another range of applications that will be widely used in the screening and study of wild and urban fauna.

The company is focused on the development of innovative IoT solutions with designing, manufacturing and marketing of specialized electronic systems. They mainly focus on the telemetry segments in animal screening, while also offering support for the installation and maintenance of telemetry equipment. Additionally, they offer assistance to their clients through the implementation of the means necessary for processing the collected data.

Through launching simple and original solutions focused on the real needs of their users, NORTRONIC makes every effort to bring quality products and services to the market at fair and competitive prices.

Nortronic’s Special Products

NORTRONIC offers an extensive range of telemetry products that utilize the most advanced technologies. These products include transmitters, receivers, gateways and antennas operating in VHF, by satellite or in the new IoT LoRa and SigFox technologies.

To meet the most diverse applications required for tracking animals, whether land or marine, the equipment is mounted on collars, backpacks or are fixed directly on the animal being monitored. The weight of these equipment may vary from tens to hundreds of grams, depending on the animal being studied.

The Team

Equipped with a solidly formed multidisciplinary technical team with experience in advanced laboratory facilities, NORTRONIC is able to offer complete solutions and specialized technical services — ranging from the study and design of systems, to the development and construction of electronic prototypes. Focused on serving and meeting embedded electronics, automation and telecommunications segments, NORTRONIC is able to execute and make customized projects possible for their customers, tailored specifically to their requirements.

Top Projects

Currently, NORTRONIC develops projects in partnership with several national institutions focused on the study, control and preservation of wildlife — both terrestrial and marine. The company takes advantage of several TagoIO capabilities to easily connect sensors to any type of network, and adds scripts and dashboards that give clear visibility of the situation. The following few stand out:

•Behavioral study of alligators in urban and Atlantic forest regions, in the southeastern portion of the country.

• Conservation and reintroduction of Amazonian and marine manatees in the North and Northeast of Brazil, respectively.

• Study and control of the spread of contagious diseases, such as spotted fever, in parks and urban areas in the south-central region.

In these projects, the data collected from the various LoRa and or SigFox devices is stored on the TagoIO platform, being made available to users through dashboards and files for the realization of their studies.

“As users of the LoRaWAN™ and SigFox systems applied to animal monitoring, the TagoIO platform allowed us to unify system management, build and customize solutions, as well as define access levels for our diverse range of customers, all within the basis of a single tool. Congratulations to the TagoIO platform for its versatility.” – Jean Paul Dubut, NORTRONIC’s CEO