How to Select an IoT Platform: First in a Series of Executive Briefings with TagoIO & BH IoT Group

Raleigh, NC – February 02, 2021 – TagoIO, developer of an innovative end-to-end cloud platform for monitoring all the data collected by hundreds of models of IoT devices, is launching a series of executive briefings in partnership with BH IoT Group, a consultancy firm providing companies across all industries and verticals with IoT go-to-market strategy and execution services.

Join us for the first in a series of executive briefings by TagoIO CEO, Fabio Rosa, and Steve Brumer, Partner with BH IoT Group, February 23 1:00 PM EST.


As IoT becomes a larger part of a company’s digital transformation strategy, it becomes more critical to understand how to select an IoT Platform. Learn some of the criteria you should use when evaluating and choosing an IoT Platform, or if you have the resources, when you should build your own. There are hundreds of IoT platforms, so it’s important to have a better understanding of some of the differences between them.

Following the first introductory executive briefing will be application-based briefings focused on, but not limited to, supply chain and cold chain management, industrial applications, metering and sub metering, and smart buildings.

“TagoIO is very excited to launch these executive briefings with BH IoT Group.” said Fabio Rosa, CEO of TagoIO. “These are challenging times, and with IoT becoming an ever-increasing critical component of a company’s operation’s efficiencies and ROI, more than ever, people involved in the decision to bring IoT solutions into their operations need to be informed.”

“BH IoT Group is happy to be a driving partner with TagoIO to moderate these educational IoT Executive Briefings. Our industry continues to expand technology decisions around IoT Platforms, products, services and GTM strategies, and this series will help with these critical success components,” said Steve Brumer, Partner at BH IoT Group.

About the Speakers

Fabio Rosa

Fabio Rosa is the CEO and founder of TagoIO. TagoIO is a Raleigh-based technology company focused on the cloud platform for connected devices that goes beyond IoT. Fabio holds a master’s degree in industrial automation from the University of Santa Catarina, Brazil and an MBA in Management of Technology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Worcester, MA. He has more than 25 years of experience in the development of new technologies and products involving connectivity, innovation process, algorithms, hardware and firmware designs. Fabio currently resides in Raleigh, NC.


Steve Brumer

Steve Brumer is a partner with BH IoT Group, a consultancy firm providing companies across all industries with innovative IoT go-to-market strategy & execution services. With over 30 years+ M2M/IoT, Mobile and Wireless experience, Brumer’s specialty is working with executives and entrepreneurs to define and execute their IoT solutions and accelerate their positioning within consumer or enterprise markets.


About TagoIO

TagoIO offers an end-to-end cloud platform that transforms the way businesses create value from connected products and user interactions. Different from other providers that demand high-level skills to create a solution, TagoIO requires minimum effort for setup and operation. Under the PaaS model, TagoIO provides all the functionalities to perform device management, data storage, real-time data visualization, user management, custom analytics, and notifications. To accelerate the time-to-market, TagoIO includes a white-label option to enable a higher level of customization. Our well-designed user interface allows non-technical personal to prepare and sell solutions quickly and easily. From our headquarters in Raleigh, NC, USA, we support local and international businesses to build the best IoT solution.

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About BH IoT Group

BH IoT Group builds and executes successful IoT strategies for companies struggling with either understanding where IoT fits into their business ecosystem or those companies who have gotten deeply into IoT and found themselves lost and struggling to see the return on their investment.

We understand that successful deployments take experience, flexibility and a degree of agnosticism to solutions so that technology fits IoT strategies and not vice versa. At BH IoT, we aren’t just technology providers, offering advice around platforms, devices and connectivity, we are problem solvers who understand that the real value of a successful IoT deployment lies in the strategy and execution. We understand the difficulty that final mile represents, and we design for it from the very start.

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