Know it all with improved Audit logs on TagoIO

As we strive to continuously enhance user experience, security, and the overall IoT cloud platform here at TagoIO, upgrading our audit log system is one way to help us achieve those goals.

What are audit logs?

One way to define Audit logs is that they are a chronological record of system activities. Users can use the log entries for a variety of purposes, such as keeping track of user activity and monitoring system performance.

Audit logs can also serve as an essential tool for finding when a bug or a problem started. In order to ensure accurate record keeping, audit logs should be regularly reviewed and managed by an authorized individual or team within an organization.

Overall, audit logs provide valuable information for both daily operations and unexpected events, making them an essential component of a well-managed system.

The benefits of improved audit logs on TagoIO

As a system administrator, it’s critical to have an accurate record of all activity on TagoIO for various reasons, such as compliance with regulations, as well as being able to track down errors or issues. Thankfully, improved audit logs can provide this information in an easy-to-access format.

Not only can they track user logins and changes made to devices or dashboards, but audit logs also offer Scale and Starter users the ability to search and filter by specific criteria. By selecting your specific criteria, pertinent information can be quickly located, saving time and potentially preventing complications in the future.

Improved audit logs on TagoIO are a valuable asset for any organization looking to ensure accountability within their IoT system.

How to use the new audit logs feature on TagoIO

As a TagoIO user, you may have noticed your new audit logs feature. This tool allows you to track all actions taken within your account and your team members, making it easy to monitor changes or investigate suspicious activity. Each entry will show the action performed, as well as the date, time it occurred, and the event initiator, as shown in the image below.

Starter and Scale users can filter by date range, resource type, and many other filters. Each entry will show the action performed, as well as the date and time it occurred.

The audit logs feature is valuable for improving security and accountability within your TagoIO account, so be sure to take advantage of it for optimal efficiency and peace of mind. Have in mind, however, that audit logs only stay on the platform for 6 months, but you can download them to keep them for as long as you want.

Want to know more?

If you are looking for more information about the improved audit logs on TagoIO, we recommend checking out its documentation. You can also explore Audit logs more deeply by starting our training module 108. Don’t want to lose out on hearing about any new features like the improvements on audit logs? Follow our changelog to get the most up-to-date information on if something is new or changing!