Internet of Things – It is just Awesome!

I’m working with IoT (internet of things) about 1.5 year and in each day I learn a lot about hardware and performance connection. I remember my first questions that I had, like “how can I have connection with low data overhead” or “how can I scale the API all over the world”, but now, the answers for these questions are so logic for me.
It’s so cool to see the things that my team do, things as to get data from school bus and put together with gas stations price, when the fuel tank in the bus is lower than 10% and it close to a cheap gas station, the driver will receive a SMS alerting that.
The winter is so hard in Michigan, some moms and their children sometimes need to wait school bus outside house. What if, when bus arrive about 320 yards the mom would receive a sms or a push notification in her mobile? Wouldn’t their life be much easier?
Looking for that use case, try to imagine all other possibilities. You can use all data around you, things you don’t give some importance until now. You can combine them to make your life easier, safer, or maybe just save some money.
ref: Linkedin Pulse

Felipe Lima – Software Architect at Tago