How ENL is working alongside TagoIO to create Moka Smart City

The ENL group develops and manages the portfolios of more than 120 international and local brands in industries as diverse as real estate, logistics, fintech, hospitality, commerce & manufacturing, and even the agro-industry.

ENL strives to support the growth of connected and sustainable communities through their investment of time, expertise and resources. One of these projects to support communities lies in ENL’s investments in the Moka Smart City Project.

The Moka Smart City will be a fully modern, connected and sustainable neighborhood right at the heart of Mauritius Island. The city of Moka has been actively contoured by ENL for almost two centuries, but it is now being led directly into urbanization, and TagoIO is there to make it possible.

The project aims to create a vibrant neighborhood while opening up a diverse amount of economic opportunities, all by optimizing resource use, engaging with stakeholders and highly improving the quality of life of Moka’s residents.

Some bullet point notes:
• MCL has invested on a state of art infrastructure to accommodate multiple service providers in delivering high quality fibre to the home networks (FTTH) to its residential and commercial customers.

• MCL is committed to providing its customers with fibre network redundancy and therewith access to providers delivering a variety of submarine cable systems (SAFE, LION/LION2, METISS). With different points of entry within its network infrastructure, the service providers shall service customers from different telco exchanges and customers are bound to benefit from the possibility of also enjoying redundant internet connectivity.

• MCL is also ensuring a competitive and transparent pricing mechanism for its end customers to ensure the legitimacy of the offers from the service providers. The public offerings adopted by the service providers are disclosed and accessible onto their individual corporate web sites.

• Right from inception, MCL has been committed into embarking onto a digital transformation and a big data journey within the realm of Real Estate; to that effect, a technology agnostic IOT platform has been implemented to manage the IOT devices being deployed for its residential and commercial customers. The platform can accept numerous communication protocols and besides, it has been developed to provide two-way IOT communications to enhance remote management. Individualised accesses shall be granted to all the users to monitor their individual water & energy consumption on a ‘near-live’ basis. The IOT platform will also be made available to the general public for them to query information about air quality sensors (e.g temperature, noise level, humidity, level of CO2 etc), bin sensors (status on fill level of bins) and numerous other smart devices that shall be deployed in the Moka Smart City.

• MCL is working on making its IOT platform an ‘open-data’ platform to promote sharing of data, where third parties such as entrepreneurs and authorities shall be allowed access to retrieve data for analysis. Access will be provided in the form of API or web services with appropriate security levels to ensure secure and trusted communications.