New Sigfox device integration: Newin ZBX & TagoIO

We are glad to announce the most recent addition to our list of devices: ZBX Pulse Counter from Newin.
Check out our list of connectors located under the Device section and try to add the new device.
The ZBX Pro Pulse Counter Sigfox is a multisensor device that has the following features:
Bluetooth Configuration and Firmware update;
2 Pulse Counter Inputs;
Temperature Sensor(-40°C to +85°C, accuracy ±0.4°Cmax);
Humidity Sensor(0% to 100%, accuracy ±3% max);
Hall Effect Sensor;-Powered from 2 x AAA Lithium Batteries (1.5V each);
The ZBX device is ready to go with a suggested dashboard that can be easily edited.
You will only need to configure the callback function in your Sigfox account to redirect its data to TagoIO.
For more information about this device, visit the Newin Technologies site here.
Icons for dashboards