New features released for the Map Widget

New features and improvements have just been released to the Map widget. Here are some of the new features:

  1. Customized icons are now embedded inside the area of the pins that got easier to be found in different areas of the map, and the option to accept images and a link to StreetView are now available.
  2. The “Interval Selection” and “Filter” options have been embedded into the map area for easier visualization.
  3. The line that connect the locations in the Map can be set with the ‘ant’ effect. It alsos easy identification of the direction of path built through the time.
  4. Developers can add Icons inside the Info Box to better represent the status of the devices. For example, you can add icons that represent the status of the engine, key, dial, or any other icons with the real value and unit of the variable.
  5. Other then icons, you can even add pictures inside the pins. That is a great way to show locations of people for example.
    You can try it now by following our documentation here.
    Read the complete article to work with Downlinks here: ( ).