New release: Billing system improvements

Changes planned on the service metrics to be effective in February

Starting this week, TagoIO will start to deliver some changes on our billing metrics and MyBilling page.

We are bringing some key benefits and changing how the Profiles (sub-accounts) work from the resources perspective.

The new system will be deployed at the beginning of February, and it will not impact current customer billings until the next cycle on March 1st. Therefore, we have time to work together to make any adjustments if necessary.

We will no longer charge for additional profiles created in your account. Starter plan can have up to 3 profiles, while the Scale plan can have up to 100! When you add a profile, it will not come with any resources included – you will have to allocate the resources (data inputs, storage, SMS..) to each profile. This change brings the benefit of discount volumes, as each profile will receive the same unit price defined in the main account
If you have only one Profile, it will not affect your account today! If you have more than 1 profile, you will need to adjust your allocations and the overall limit to make sure it will be enough for all. 

We added three new billable services: end-users (RUN), File storage, and Push notifications. An initial limit of these services will be included at no cost, which should cover most customers. We will work with all current customers to adjust the value in order to avoid billing increases. 

One feature that we removed was ‘Auto scaling’, as it was not possible to keep it inside the Profiles. Nevertheless, we are making scripts available and will help customers at no cost to add them if requested. These scripts offer more flexibility to upgrades and alerts. Contact us if you need help

Recently we presented a Webinar about the new billing system and shared tips for optimizations. You can find the webinar recording here:

We will post more information in the next few days, so make sure you read our blogs or contact us directly.

TagoIO Team

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