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New Version for Normal Dashboard

We are getting ready to launch a new version of the Normal Dashboards this month – June, 2021! 

The widgets used in the ‘Normal Dashboard’ will be updated to a new version that will contains all the great features of the Blueprint ones, such as easier configurationpreviewmulti-languageopacitybetter visual, and more.

The options and configuration of a Normal Blueprint will be very similar to that of a Blueprint, as shown below.

If you have dashboards built with the type ‘Normal Dashboard,’ you will need to convert them to the new version. Notice that you may see minor differences in their visualization when you do the conversion. That’s why we are leaving it to our customers to take the actions manually in each dashboard. Additionally, some widgets may also have a different visual.

We recommend you make a copy of your dashboard before converting it. There is no way to return to the older version after the conversion is done. Access our FAQ for the dashboard conversion here.

Again, if you only use the Blueprint dashboards, as most of our customers do, none of this will affect you, and TagoIO will continue to offer the options for Normal and Blueprint dashboards.

What to do? 

When it’s released later this month, you’ll find a switch to convert each of your Normal dashboards to the new version. You’ll have to take the action for each one, certify that everything is displayed as expected, and start using the new features! We will provide more directions at a later date.

Button to convert normal dashboard new version. IoT Dashboards TagoIO

New dashboards created after the release will be already displayed in the new version. So, there is nothing for you to do when creating new dashboards.

By when do I need to convert all my old Normal Dashboards to the new version? 

We will keep the older (current) version of the Normal Dashboards until Nov 22, 2021 (new date).  After this date, all dashboards will be migrated automatically. This will be plenty of time for the customer to convert them without impacting their operation. Contact us if you have any questions.

Click here to learn more about our Dashboards and how to configure them.

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