New methods to define when to run Analyis – Interval and Schedule

Next week, TagoIO will release a new way to run Analysis by using ‘interval’ and ‘schedule’ options. This information is important for you because you may need to take actions to avoid issues when you set up interval of your Analysis in the future .
The current interval mechanism that is contained inside each Analysis will be removed, and it will be moved to the Action section. This change will bring some benefits: it will allow you to track when the Analysis is fired, and also will give you option to define the exactly time and day that it should run (using the option Schedule) for example, you can set an Analysis to run every Monday at 6am.
If you already have any Analysis in your account set by Interval, TagoIO will automatically make the necessary changes by creating and associating it with a new Action. The name of the new created Action will be use the name of Analysis, e.g. “[AutoGenerated] MyAnalysisName”. We will also create a legacy support for the Analysis that are created through API requests; when the API identifies that you are sending a field named “interval” it will automatically create an Action with that interval on it.
Breaking Change Note: If you change the interval time by API or by using another analysis, it will be not work anymore. We are not able to change an Action that edits an analysis method. If you have that scenario, you can make the changes by yourself, and edit the Action as needed. If you need help to figure out the best way to fix that, you can visit our Forum ( or open a support ticket.
TagoIO Team.