New options for Payload Parser

We have improved the way Payload Parser works for the devices. Now, up to two parsers can run in sequence every time the device sends data. You have full control of these parsers.
First, the system will run the parser from the connector used during the creation of the device. This parser script is not visible to you. It can be disabled.
Then, it will run your Parser based on your script and the output of the first parser (it is also optional).
We believe that this method will give more flexibility for developers while keeping the operation very simple.
Note: If you already have devices with parsers, the parser script will be shown in the area of your own parser. However, as you add more devices, the scripts will no longer be displayed in that area, as it will be included as a parser coming from the connector (not visible for you).
Check out the complete documentation here
TagoIO Team.