Private Sharing of Dashboards has been Deprecated [updated on 08/24/2022]

Starting today, new accounts created on TagoIO will no longer allow users to share their dashboards privately. This decision has been taken due to the fact that developers are using TagoRUN and the public link to share their applications, while only a select few are using the Share Private option. By removing this option, we continue keeping TagoIO simpler to use and it allows our team to provide better support.

Accounts created prior to this date will still allow users to share Dashboard using the Private option — however we recommend using other ways as it will be removed soon (Q4 2021).

Update: Sharing of dashboards using the Private option will be delete on 09/03/2022. After this day, others will not be able to access the shared dashboards. Use one of the options below to avoid disruption.

How can you share your dashboards?

TagoIO offers several ways for developers to share their dashboards and IoT applications easily and securely.

1. Public link

You can share your dashboard with anyone that receives a URL link and it will not be necessary for the other users to have an account created at TagoIO. Note that only one link by dashboard is created, so if you generate a new URL, the old one will no longer work. Learn more here.


Use the RUN module to share your dashboards and deploy your solution using a customized logo, colors, URL, sign up page, e-mail messages, and more. With RUN, you can also easily control who can access your dashboards using the User Management module. Learn more about RUN here.

3. Distribute

Another good option is to share the template of your dashboard, without any of your data, and send a link for anyone to add a copy to their account through a customized install page. In this case, you are sharing only the Template of the dashboard. After that, they will be able to modify the dashboards as they wish without affecting your original dashboard. When people access the link sent by you, they will see a screen similar to the one shown below. Learn more about templates here.

What’s left to do? 

If you haven’t done so yet, start using RUN to share your dashboard with end-users and remove the sharing of dashboards that used to use the Private option — it’s free!