SalesIQ Zoho + TagoIO

How to use TagoIO and SalesIQ Analytics in your TagoRUN IoT solution

You can easily integrate your RUN application with Zoho SalesIQ to track and engage users. All you need to do is to use your SalesIQ key in the RUN setup.

With SalesIQ, you have all the basic user tracking features to monitor all the users that signup in your TagoRUN application, plus:

  • Automation based on rules
  • Chat and Call features for support
  • Remote screen access with the Assist module
  • Cookies disclosure for GDPR
  • CRM integration capabilities

Zoho offers a nice package of features with the Free option, including two operators, one URL (your TagoRUN), and engagement with up to 5K visitors per month.

Follow these simple steps to add the SalesIQ tracking in your TagoRUN:

1. Create an account at Zoho SalesIQ service

Create an account at SalesIQ at

Make sure you add the URL of your TagoRUN application in the Websites section.

2. Get the key from the widgetcode text

Once you’ve created your account, the first screen presented to you will display the code for your tracking. All you need to get is the key shown in the right side of the widgetcode: text.

Copy that key to your clipboard.

3. Use the key code in your application

Then, back to TagoIO, in your RUN setup page, under the session Integration> User Engagement, paste the key in the Zoho ID field.

Make sure that the Visitor Tracking module is enabled in your SalesIQ account. This options is available under Settings>Websites

You are now ready to track all your RUN users using SalesIQ in real-time!

Your TagoRUN application is now fully integrated with SalesIQ and you will be able to know who is accessing your RUN, when, for how long, and what type of browser and devices were used.

Also, you can enable Chat, Bots, remote screen access, analytics, and add functions to comply with GDPR (cookies disclaimer).

We have received several positive feedback from customers that are tracking how users are using their TagoRUN applications. Let us now your experience.