Actions including Schedule is now available!

We’ve just released a new option to trigger the Actions: Schedule.
You can create Actions that can be triggered by Interval or Date.
By using Actions based on the Schedule, you can for example trigger events at every 5 minutes, 2 hours, when using the Interval option. Also, you can run Actions at specific date and time – e.g. run Actions every day at 8:15am, only during the weekends at 10am, or every the first day of the month.
It is easy to configure and update all these settings now!
Notice: as mentioned in a previous post, we will remove the option ‘Interval’ from inside the Analysis, you will need to use an Actions for this function.
Starting on Feb,4th, our system will automatically create the Actions for all the Analysis that are already created in our system, so that you don’t need to worry or take any further action.
TagoIO Team