Sens’it is now fully integrated with TagoIO

We are glad to announce the release of our complete integration of TagoIO with the Sigfox Sens’it device!

Now, you can easily add your Sens’it devices in a few clicks and get it running at TagoIO immediately. When you install the device, a dashboard is also added to your account so that you can edit it according to your needs.

According to Sigfox, the Sens’it for developers can be used as a devkit. Whether you are a digital or embedded software developer, or simply curious about IoT and Sigfox, you can build a complete solution using this great device and TagoIO.
When you are adding your device at TagoIO, you will find two device type options: Sens’it v2 and Sens’it v3. Select the one you want to use.

Follow our new tutorial to get the most from your Sens’it with TagoIO: Sens’it TagoIO Tutorial.

Sens’it Hardware main characteristics:
The Sens’it device has several built-in sensors:

  • temperature and humidity,
  • luminosity,
  • accelerometer and magnetometer,
  • button,
  • reed switch (magnet detector).
    It also features two indicators:
  • RGB led,
  • white led.

More information about this device can be found at the Sens’it website.