Expansion of TagoIO and new SDK

TagoIO is preparing itself for global expansion; in the next few months we are deploying our API to others regions like: Australia, Ireland, France, Brazil, and many other countries.

We are planning to deploy in about one region every 3 months. If you wish to have TagoIO in your specific region, you can demonstrate your interest by writing to us on our twitter, through our support system or by email and we just might prioritize the deploy pipeline for your country. The TagoIO team is excited to announce the first region we’ll be deploying later this year, stay tuned for that.

To make TagoIO available all around the world, we have to make a lot of changes on our end to deliver an API with support for multiple regions. For example, we have created a whole new SDK for our analysis with multi-region support, autocomplete suggestions, data streaming and a whole lot more.

If you are using the current version of our SDK (9.x.x) and it’s working well for you, you don’t have to update to the new SDK version. We’ll support the current SDK for the next 10 years or until all of our customers start using the new one. However, the current SDK isn’t able to connect to other regions and it will always be stuck in the US region (currently).

The new SDK also has a new package name (@tago-io/sdk) in order to make it easy to know which SDK you are using. You can use both SDK packages with the same analysis/middleware/device without a problem, and the new SDK has amazing documentation. You can check it out here: https://js.sdk.tago.io.

TagoIO Team.

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