TagoIO IoT Education Platform

New Education Program aims to teach IoT worldwide

By 2030, IoT could enable up to $12.6 trillion in value globally, as estimated by McKinsey. IoT is changing how we live and work and will only continue to become more critical in the future. However, the IoT market still faces a considerable problem: the lack of IoT professionals. That’s why TagoIO is excited to announce our new IoT Education Program! This program will assist universities and schools around the globe in teaching IoT to their students.

What does the new IoT Education Program entail?

An institution that opts to partner with TagoIO through our IoT Education Program will have access to a few key benefits. Those benefits will assist not only the organization, but its teachers, as well as the students themselves.

Special discounts

Custom Features

IoT Training Modules

TagoIO will send tools specifically for IoT education as a way to give students hands-on experience through several exercises, inspiring them even further in their academic and professional pursuits. We understand that the main concepts and theories behind IoT are essential, however, IoT can be difficult to teach without any applied real-world experience. Our IoT platform will provide that context for students to see how IoT works in the real world.

There will also be special discounts to make the program affordable for everyone. One of the main ways that we can avoid some of those typical additional costs is by providing organizations and students with TagoCore, our free and open-source IoT platform, and we plan to add special features to TagoIO so that students can submit exercises using the platform itself. Additionally, educators will be able to visualize all of the students’ dashboards, maximizing educator-student co-operation. Finally, training sessions will be available for those educators, and our current plan is to make those training sessions free!

We want to hear from you!

In order to make this program as impactful as possible, we are surveying those who are interested to better understand what educators around the world find most important. We want to use this information to focus our Education Program on what will benefit educators and their students most, so if you are a teacher, we urge you to complete this survey. It only takes a few minutes of your time, but it will be incredibly helpful as we continue to shape this program!