Blueprint Dashboards have arrived!

Now, when creating a new dashboard, developers will be asked to select the type of the dashboard they want to build: a Normal dashboard (same as before) or a new Blueprint dashboard.

With the new Blueprint feature, each user will still only be allowed to see the information of their own list of devices as configured in the Access Management section. When developers need to update a dashboard, all they need to do is to edit the Blueprint dashboard and all users will receive the changes in real-time. No deployment needed!

Our front-end developers will continue to work in order to make all widgets available for Blueprint dashboards as soon as possible — today we started offering some widgets, such as the Dial, Gauge, VU meter, and Form.

Also, along with the Blueprint release, we have added features like transparency options and a preview that makes it easier and more intuitive to build your own beautiful dashboard.

Developers can now easily add widgets on top of nice background images to get a great attractive look that will impress end-users when accessing their IoT platform.

Now, when developers add a new dashboard, two options will be presented.

  1. NORMAL – use this to create a regular dashboard as before. Easy to set up and use, as always!
  2. BLUEPRINT – select this option to start building a dashboard to scale up your application. Blueprint devices will need to be associated with the dashboard.

These new features will inspire our customers to build the best IoT solutions for their customers and make a big positive impact during the presentation and operation phases of the projects.

We will release some tutorials and webinars with great examples and tips! Stay tuned.

– TagoIO Team