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Updates for the Immutable Database

Devices using immutable buckets now request the period and retention parameters

Starting today, devices created using the Immutable database will need to receive parameters related to the configuration of the data retention. The Period and Retention parameters are available in the interface presented during the device creation, and through the API’s.


For the period parameter, you can select one of these options: daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly (3 months). This will determine the ‘chunks’ used for our data retention process. It is important to note that each chunk is limited to 1 Million registers and it cannot be edited after the device is created – have in mind this when picking an option.


For the retention parameter, you can select a value from a range of values that will determine the total duration of your data retention. You can edit this parameter later at any moment.

Learn more about how the data retention works in our documentation.

Need Help?

Our team has developed a migration tool to support customers during the transition, if needed. If you have a bucket and want to migrate ASAP, please open a ticket and we can schedule this migration for you, for free (only for customers with a Starter or Scale).

Also, you can always check for relevant articles in our community.

TagoIO Team