Webinar: Getting to know Tago to build IoT Solutions

Join us online May 2, 2018, 11am ET / 8am PT for a webinar training where we will cover how to use the Tago platform to build complete IoT solutions.
If you have already decided to implement your IoT solution to start the Digital Transformation journey of your business, or if you’re still looking, this webinar will show you how to get it done with the Tago platform. We will demonstrate step-by-step how to build, share, and deploy dashboards, notifications, analytics, and integrations quickly.
Don’t miss this webinar where you will learn how you can:

  • Connect devices and other sources of data to Tago.
  • Create scripts to run analytics in real-time.
  • Build awesome dashboards to be visualized in browsers and mobile Apps.
  • Use our unique set of features to scale and deploy your solution.
    We hope to have you join us!