Welcome to TagoCore!

Not surprisingly, we are a big fan of the revolution that cloud computing has created in the industry in the last few years. Just looking from the IoT ecosystem perspective, a centralized structure keeps things simpler to build and maintain, while making it possible to scale up in real-time.

Nevertheless, we always knew that something was missing, and our customers and partners continued pushing us to create a way that could deliver the same experience as TagoIO, but in an installed version. We had a lot of internal and external discussions to figure out the best path so that we could lay down the foundation for a new structure that would result in a solid, light, and complementary module that will enhance the rest of the IoT ecosystem.

So today we get to announce TagoCore — a free, fast, and open-source IoT platform for edge computing. With the new TagoCore, developers can easily process and store data locally, manage devices, use connectors, and set actions pretty much as they can already do today in the cloud with TagoIO. But there is more, as we wanted to make sure that anyone could build and deliver plugins for applications or anything else, and that it could also run on any cloud.

After you install TagoCore on your computer, you will see a panel with the main modules needed to build your IoT application, the status of the resources used in your operating system, and the store to install plugins.

We built TagoCore from scratch to make sure we could end up with the best performance, even when running it on less powerful processors. Still, the same program can be scaled up to run on any private cloud provider. We kept the same UX principles from the admin that runs at TagoIO due to its easy-to-use and convenient design. For data visualization, we are creating plugins to connect data sets with other commercial BIs such as PowerBI, Grafana, and Metabase just for starters.

Although TagoCore comes with a native SQLite database that is fully built-in, you will also be able to select other types such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, mongoDB, and RedShift. Although, our team is still working on the plug-ins for some of these.

TagoCore complements the IoT ecosystem  

TagoCore is a great option for edge computing so that you can process a large amount of data locally, and then send only the most relevant information to the cloud or to other services.

You can connect TagoCore with any cloud provider, or you can take advantage of its seamless integration with TagoIO and TagoRUN. You can keep all, or just part of your data stored in your TagoCore, and leave it up to TagoIO to run your high-level algorithms. From there, you can easily create your own IoT portal and manage the distribution of all of your dashboards to your end-users using TagoRUN.

Overall, we believe that a more distributed architecture provided by TagoCore will bring a wider variety of options and benefits for several different types of applications.

TagoCore runs extraordinarily well on various systems  

TagoCore will run on pretty much anything! When installed on the edge, it will run on all major operating systems such as Linux, Windows, or MacOS. When installed on the cloud, it can run on providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Could, and many others.

Our technical team is currently working with a handful of other global players in the embedded industry to make sure that all plug-ins and applications will be designed and optimized for specific hardware.

Get early access to TagoCore!

We still have some final tests to do and some innovative modules to add to TagoCore, but because we truly believe in the power of collaboration, we would love your feedback right away. Register today on our website to gain access to the early release of TagoCore.

Currently, we are allowing only a limited number of developers to access the program as we want to make sure that we are able to respond properly to the questions, issues, and suggestions. If you want to learn more and get access to the program, register your interest here.

We are looking forward to working together on this,

The TagoCore Team

2 thoughts on “Welcome to TagoCore!”

  1. Great, great news!
    TagoIO is an excellent IoT platform, and the possibility to use a free, open-source and edge-optimized version of it surely will help a lot of products, projects and solutions to be built/came alive and improved.
    However, I’ve one question. Please, would you answer it? Here it is: as informed on this post, TagoCore will be able to run even on not-so-powerful computers and single-board computers, like Raspberry Pi boards. In this case, what’s the minimal configuration required for Tago Core (mainly in terms of disk space, RAM memory and CPU)? This information will help me (and surely will help more developers too) to figure out where to apply Tago Core on both new and existing IoT solutions.

    Best Regards,
    Pedro Bertoleti

    1. Hi Pedro! We are also testing it in older versions of the Raspberry Pi with very good results. TagoCore requires only around 25MB of RAM, and a CPU of 1GHz works well. Disk space will depend on the amount of data stored inside TagoCore’s database. We will share the initial results in our documentation and community soon!

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