PCR2 is a camera-less people counting sensor with LoRaWAN connectivity in a slim enclosure which is easy to mount. The system includes powerful signal processing that enables directional counting of humans. Counters are transmitted in regular intervals over a public or private LoRaWAN™ network. All Parametric Sensors are equipped with USB for easy configuration and firmware update.


  • Bi-directional counting of of persons by integrated radar sensors
  • 2 LEDs signaling left-to-right or right-to-left detections
  • Operating modes: summing up, trigger
  • LoRaWAN data uplink adjustable between 1min up to 1 day
  • Remote configuration by LoRaWAN downlink
  • Slim-line design with hidden fixing points, available in two colors
  • External power supply 5-12V DC or USB
  • 24 months warranty
  • Free Setup Tool (Windows 10)
  • Device Firmware Updates over USB