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Adeunis Analog and Power
Local and Remote monitoring through inputs 0-10V or 4-20mA over Sigfox
Custom Sigfox
Use this Custom setup if your device connected through SIGFOX doesn’t show up in the list. It works with ANY Sigfox device.
Duodigit SX
Wireless transmit meter reading data for water, gas, and power over Sigfox
Evvos - OneSense Agriculture
Data acquisition with SDI, Pulse, I2C, 1-wire, and 0-5V sensors over Sigfox
Evvos - OneSense Pulse
Data acquisition with 3 pulse channels 16-bit counter resolution over Sigfox
Evvos - OneSense Pulse and Current
Data acquisition with 3 pulse and 4-20mA analog inputs (GPS optional) over Sigfox
Evvos - OneSense Pulse and Temperature
Data acquisition with pulse and temperature I2C/1-wire sensors over Sigfox
Evvos - OneSense Pulse and Voltage
Data acquisition with pulse and voltage 0-10V (GPS optional) over Sigfox
GlobalSat ST-100
Simple tracker with GPS, emergency and accelerometer over Sigfox
Gridya Nanofox
IoT Kit using WISOL for Arduino over Sigfox
Connect your H-Bee Sigfox device designed by Hensys
Innocomm S-Wing
Extension board for Bosch XDK using Sigfox
Innocomm SFEVK100Z1/2/3
Sigfox Evaluation Board Configure 1
Innocomm SFEVK200Z1/2
Sigfox Evaluation Board Configure 2
Innocomm SN10-12
Sigfox module for Zone 2 / Zone 4
IOTA - Water Level Monitor
Detection presence of water at certain regulated level using Sigfox
Differential pressure sensors measures difference in pressures delivered to two inputs and transmits the measurements in regular intervals using Sigfox
Mechanical door sensor for monitoring of access to normally-closed objects using Sigfox
Heavy duty mechanical door sensor for monitoring of access to normally-closed objects using Sigfox
IOTA Guardian
Anti-theft monitor for stationary objects using Sigfox
Manhole Cover Sensor detects opening of manhole cover and immediately sends an alert using Sigfox
IOTA Outdoor Object Monitor
Outdoor Object Monitor generates an alert when a monitored object is moved or when the devices itself is tampered using Sigfox
IOTA Temperature Outdoor
Temperature Probe for Outdoor operation using Sigfox
Morrison Smart Button
Lightweight compact multifunction smart button over Sigfox
Morrison Tracker
Energy Efficient GPS Asset Tracking over Sigfox.
Newin - ZBX
Pulse counter, Temperature, Humidity, Hall Effect sensor, from Newin using Sigfox
OleumTech SFX-AD81
Wireless Analog input 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vdc Discrete/Pulse Transmitter using Sigfox
Oyster GPS
Compact Long-Life Battery powered GPS asset tracking over Sigfox
SensaTag WiFi
IoT trackers WiFi geolocation with NFC Temperature and Accelerometer over Sigfox
Sigfox Sens'it v2
Sensit 2.0 temperature, humidity, light, door opening, vibration, and magnet monitoring over Sigfox
Sigfox Sens'it v3
Sensit v3 with thermometer, hygrometer, light meter, accelerometer, magnetometer, reed switch, and button over Sigfox
Sigmais Sigmeter
Remote reading of gas and water meter, through pulse detection counter over Sigfox
Sigmais SigSense
Asset and sensing to monitor parameters of compressors, generators and other machines over Sigfox
SimplePack Office Chair
Device monitoring office chair occupancy using Sigfox
Suntech ST730
Sigfox Portable GPS Asset Tracking Device
Thinxtra Xkit
XKit Thinxtra using the Sigfox Network
Thinxtra Xpress
Xpress call button with multiple connectivity options and outdoor (GPS) / indoor (WiFi/ BLE) geolocation using Sigfox
Thinxtra XSense
Multiple connectivity options (NFC, BLE), GPS, WiFi SSID (indoor location), button, 3D accel, humidity, temperature, pressure, reed switch over Sigfox
Thinxtra Xtrak
Xtrak rugged GPS device with a button feature using Sigfox
udev PMS100
Industrial Multi Sensor Device over Sigfox
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