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This IP67 battery powered sensor reads temperature, humidity and pressure and sends collected data over the LoRaWAN™ network. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as weather stations, urban monitoring, air quality, industrial, environmental or farming projects.

  • Class A LoRaWAN™ stack @868Mhz @920Mhz (SIN, HKG…)
  • Temperature -10….. 60 °C ( ±0.5°C)
  • Humidity 0%….. 100% ( 20% ….80% ±3% @25°C, 0%-20%-80%-100%@ 25°C ±5%)
  • Pressure 300….1100hPa (±1hPa)
  • Battery powered with 5 years of life (according radio propagation effectiveness and 10 min reading period)
  • NFC for IoT node setup, FW upgrade and data reading
  • Installation indoor
  • Storage temperature range -20 + 80C°
  • Working temperature range -10 + 60C

More information about this device can be found here.

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