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This compact metering can be used for monitoring and checking the power of electronic devices, and can remotely switch devices on/off and read the state of a digital input.

  • Class C LoRaWAN™ stack EU868, AS923
  • Metering of a 230Vac – 16Amp Load (active, reactive and apparent energy, Class 0.2).
  • Data are sent through LoRaWAN™ protocol for remote managing.
  • Instantaneous reading of active, reactive and apparent power, voltage and current
  • 1 opto-isolated input, capability 230Vac
  • 1 relay output with COM, NO, NC contacts carrying 8Amp@230Vac
  • NFC for IoT node setup, FW upgrade and data reading
  • Power supply from line
  • Storage temperature range -20 + 80C°
  • Working temperature range -10 + 70C°

More information about this device can be found here.

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