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OleumTech SFX-AD81

The Sigfox-enabled OleumTech AD81 is equipped with a 24-bit high resolution analog input (AI) which can be user-configured for either 4-20mA or 0-10 Vdc signals in line-powered operation or low-power 0-10 Vdc for the optional battery-powered operation.

The AD81 is also equipped with a discrete/digital input (DI) for alarms and exception reporting when critical state changes occur.

The DI can be configured for pulse counting up to 2 KHz.

  • 1x analog input + 1x discrete/pulse counter input
  • User configurable analog input: 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vdc
  • Discrete input supports 0-30 Vdc, dry contact, open-drain output/NPN devices, and pulse counter (up to 2 KHz)
  • Supports 9-30 Vdc line-power or optional internal battery
  • Battery life up to 8 years
  • NEMA 4X / IP66 / -40 °C to 80 °C
  • Designed for non-hazardous locations
  • A global solution: supports RCZ 1/2/4
  • Remote antenna-ready option available

    More information about this device can be found here.

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