Discover some IoT devices already integrated with TagoIO


The LoraWan TouchTAG from Everynet is a very low cost, compact and lightweight disposable action driven IoT geotag device, with an integrated temperature sensor and accelerometer.

At just 19.4 x 58 x6.6mm and weighing 5gms these are the key characteristics of his device:

  • Built-in sensors: temperature, orientation, button, fall detector, movement detector
  • Temp range: -20°C to 60° C
  • Accel range: up to 16g
  • LoRa™ Geolocation
  • Wake-up on: button, fall detector,
  • Movement detector, periodic timer
  • LoRaWAN™ 868/915 MHz
  • Battery: 3,6V 150mAh
  • Red and Green LEDs

Follow this tutorial to learn more about how to add and configure the TouchTAG.

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