Discover some IoT devices already integrated with TagoIO

Bosch XDK110

Bosch XDK110 Cross-Domain Development Kit allows for rapid prototyping of sensor-based products and applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). This wireless sensor device cuts time and cost for IoT applications and offers the freedom of programming at a basic or advanced level. The XDK110 is an integrated product inclusive of multiple Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors. Access the XDK developer community for active information exchange, knowledge sharing, technical support and more.

  • Accelerometer ±2 … ±16g (programmable)
  • Gyroscope ±125º/s … ±2000º/s (programmable)
  • Magnetic field strength ±1300T (X,Y-Axis); ±2500T (Z-Axis)
  • Light sensor 0.045-188,000 lux; 22-bit
  • Temperature -20ºC to 60°C
  • Pressure 300-1100hPa
  • Humidity 10-90%rH (non-condensing)

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