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Adeunis Comfort

Smart Building sensor for temperature humidity button and dry contact input


  • 4 built-in functions: temperature, humidity, alert
  • button, dry contact input
  • A design for a product adaptable to any type of environment
  • Data logging to optimize the number of mailings
  • Compatible with KARE© services Technical specifications
  • Periodic and / or event mode
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Dimensions: 111 x 61 x 40 mm Case: IP20 (indoor use)
  • Integrated fixing system: wall or laid
  • LoRaWAN EU863-870
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C /+60°C
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Weight: 102g
  • Standard: Directive 2014/53/UE (RED)
  • Product error alert, configuration error, low battery
  • 1 digital input / 1 connected button
  • More information about this device can be found here.

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