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Milesight EM500-SWL

EM500-SWL level sensor is a long range wireless sensor mainly used to measure liquid level data compatible with standard LoRaWAN protocol


  • Frequency: EU433/ CN470/ IN865/ EU868/ RU864/ US915/ AU915/ KR920/ AS923
  • TxPower: 16dBm (868)/ 20dBm (915)/ 19dBm (470)
  • Sensitivity: -147dBm @300bps
  • Mode: OTAA/ ABP Class A
  • Antenna: Integrated ceramic antenna

Physical Characteristics

  • Cable Length: At least 1-1.5m longer than measuring range
  • Power Supply: 19000mAh Li-SOCL2 battery (ER34615)
  • Battery Life:
    • 4 years (10 min interval, SF12)
    • 10years(10 min interval, SF7)

  • Operating Temperature
    • Transceiver: -30°C to +70°C
    • Pressure Sensor: -10°C to +60°C
  • Ingress Protection: IP66 (IP67 as required)
  • Dimension
    • Transceiver: 105.4 × 71 × 69.5mm (Waterproof connector is not included)
    • LevelSensor: 122 ×ф26mm
  • Mounting: Pole, wall, DIN rail

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