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Bosch Parking Lot Sensor

Wireless sensors detect and report parking space occupancy, thus enabling active parking lot manage-ment features, such as search, navigation and reservation.The easy retrofit solution for off-street parking is installed in minutes. It was designed for detecting with high reliability if a parking space is occupied or available.

Operating Conditions

  • Temperature: -30°C ... 65°C
  • Humidity: 0% ... 95%


  • TPS110EU -- Frequencies: 863-865/868-868.6/869.4-869.65 MHz (EU868) -- Transimitting Power: max. 14 dBm ERP
  • TPS110JP -- Frequencies: 920-923.4 MHz (AS923) -- Transmitting Power: max. 14 dBm ERP
  • TPS110IN -- Frequencies: 865-867 MHz (IN865) -- Transmitting Power: max. 14 dBm ERP

Device Specification

  • Weight: 191 g
  • Power supply: Lithium battery (Li-SOCI2, 3.6V, 1200 mAh)
  • Battery lifetime: Up to 5 years
  • IP class: IP67/IPx9K

Installation and Maintenance

  • Installation: Sensor to glue to different surfaces / screw in the ground
  • Maintenance: No maintenance needed
  • Replacement: Core exchangeable without removing the base from the ground

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