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Khomp NIT-2x LI Connector

Connect your NIT-20/21 LI through your network.

Khomp NIT-2x LI are wireless transmitter from the IoT Endpoints line, which operate via LoRa® radio and the LoRaWAN™ 1.0.3 protocol

If your endpoint is connected on a Khomp ITG200 Gateway, search for "Khomp ITG200 LoRa Connector".

There are two models available:

  • NIT 20 LI - Indoor transmitter node, base version.
  • NIT 21 LI - Indoor transmitter node, with on-board temperature and humidity sensor.

Additionaly, the IoT Endpoints line offers extension modules including:

  • EM C104 - Current sensors;
  • EM R102 - I/O extensors;
  • EM S104 - Soil sensors;
  • EM ACW 100 - Analog temperature conversor and 1-Wire interface;
  • EM THW 100 - Temperature and umidity 1-Wire probe;
  • EM THW 200 - Two 1-Wire interfaces and on board temperature, umidity, noise and luminosity;
  • EM THW 201 - Two 1-Wire interfaces, on board temperature, umidity, noise and luminosity and analog temperature conversor;

For more information about our transmitters and extension modules, acess the support area.

The connector supports all extension modules.

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