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Sensative Strips Multi-sensor +Comfort

With its low power consumption and long battery life of up to 10 years, it is the ideal choice for any professional indoor IoT application. With the MS +Comfort’s precise measuring, you can get a great overview of the climate in your property. Maybe you want to keep the climate in your office optimal or want to keep a close eye on any changes in temperature and humidity in vulnerable areas such as cellars or attics.

Strips is a multi-sensor with multi-purposes, with humidity, temperature, and light (LUX) measuring, as well as magnetic open/close sensor (suitable for applications such as window or door monitoring). This multi-functionality means that the more you realize your own specific needs, the more value our sensors will bring to your company and its operations. Implementing MS +Comfort sensors is a great choice for stepping into the modern world of IoT and PropTech, energy optimization, automation, convenience services, and property protection.


  • Features: Humidity +/- 3% RH. Temperature +/- 0.40°C accuracy. Magnet Sensor. Light 1-64000 LUX. LED indication.
  • Reporting: Temperature light reporting based on deviation to save battery.
  • Regions: Europe (863-870 MHz), North America (902-928 MHz)
  • Range: Up to + 14 dBm output power. Rx sensitivity -137 dBm. Up to 10 km range (free line of sight).
  • Dimensions: Sensor: 195 x 15 x 2.98 mm. Magnet: 12 x 2 mm. Mounting plate: 195 x 15 x 3 mm.
  • Operating conditions: -30 to +60 °C. Indoor usage.
  • Power supply: Built-in battery (LiMnO2). 10 years battery life.
  • Supports: LoRaWAN v1.0.3

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