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eDoctor Respiratory Sensor

The eDoctor Respiratory Sensor is a light and small, battery powered LoRaWAN sensor that is worn around the chest (upper torso), and monitors and periodically reports several health signs of the person, including the BT (body temperature), RR (respiratory rate), CE (chest expansion), position, HR (heart rate), and activity status, which can potentially help at (early) detection of a health issue. The Respiratory Sensor also measures and periodically reports the remaining battery lifetime. The Respiratory Sensor has two red and green LEDs, which show system activities or states. It also has an adjustable strap for different chest sizes. The strap is supposed to be worn comfortably, but not too loose at deep exhalation. The Respiratory Sensor is also equipped with an accelerometer that is used to measure the body position or detect a surge in physical activity.

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