Education Program

The new Education Program to support IoT educators

Helping educators teach IoT everywhere

Schools that partner with TagoIO through the Education Program will receive tools specifically for IoT education– to inspire students and help them with hands-on exercises.

Building the Education Program

We are collecting feedback from schools worldwide to ensure we design a great program that impacts IoT education.

Our plan is to launch the program at the beginning of 2023. So make sure you submit your responses and suggestions by Oct 2022, and we will contact you.

Education Program Benefits

Special discounts

We want to make sure that the program is affordable for all institutions. By levering that TagoCore is free and open source, we can avoid costs by the number of students for example.

Custom Features

Special features will be added to TagoIO. For example, students will be able to submit exercises to educators through the system, and educators can see all dashboards from the class.

IoT Training Modules

We will provide IoT training for educators so they can be the multipliers inside their institutions. We plan to cover the training sessions cost.

Want to participate and know more about how to join the program?

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