Creating new business opportunities with IoT | A Webinar with Everynet & TagoIO

Learn how to use an innovative and working IoT network technology as we describe real-life use cases for Puerto Rico

This webinar is for you to discover how we’re developing IoT solutions to meet today’s Connected World’s needs. We will teach you, step-by-step how to start building your IoT solutions to solve real world challenges, learn what we accomplished in Puerto Rico, where a much- needed network was built.

Discover how IoT can improve your supply chain & logistics, cold chain management, asset tracking and hospitality, to name a few. Whether you are looking for a plug-and-play solution or wanting to quickly develop and launch your own solution, you’ll learn global best practices and take advantage of LoRaWAN’s low cost networks and leading platforms to monetize and solve for today’s challenges.

Agenda: 1. LoRaWAN network – concept and advantages

2. Everynet deployment in Puerto Rico

3. TagoIO end-to-end cloud platform

4. Use-cases – examples to kick-start

5. How to start building your solution

Presenters: Fabio Rosa, CEO Founder, TagoIO

Tom Nelson, Chief Customer Officer, Everynet

Tim Kipley, Global Technical Director, Everynet

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