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Learn how companies are using TagoIO to provide high value end-to-end IoT solutions in several industry sectors.


Farmers are moving to precision agriculture with IoT sensors in order to grow their crop yields at higher rates. TagoIO tools make easier for users to take actions only when needed by saving time and resources.


Smart buildings are finally here! Commercial and residential buildings can be retrofitted or designed with low-cost and integrated IoT sensors. Pre-certified sensors accelerate the development of new solutions.


From water supply and traffic monitoring to street lighting control, companies and governments are working together to get the most from sensor data to improve the quality of life in the cities.


All stages of the energy industry can benefit from IoT sensors and smart analytics. TagoIO can be used as the backbone for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and other metering systems.


An interconnected, decentralized, and more transparent and efficient manufacturing process is obtained by using IoT sensors and computing systems. TagoIO and TagoCore can handle huge flow of data from manufacturing while providing great visualizations and insights.

Supply Chain

IoT devices are now enabling continuous real-time supply chain visibility like never before. TagoIO can be easily integrated with third-party systems that helps with data automation and increases efficiency.


Telematics and fleet management solutions are now combined to bring insights in real-time. Geofences, reports, and alerts can be created with TagoIO to inform the status and history of the shipments to end-users and stockholders.

Templates to Accelerate your IoT Applications

Build powerful customized IoT applications using your own brand, domain, and using your business rules in no time. Start building solutions for smart building, smart agriculture, logistic, asset tracking, IIoT, transportation, metering, and more using our free KickStater!