Join a community of IoT experts that provide value for customers by helping in their digital transformation journey

Benefits of being a TagoIO Partner
Promote your products and solutions in our community of developers and business around the globe
Share your capabilities, competencies, logo and profile in our public Partner page
Increase awareness of your business in an exciting and fast-grow industry
Collaborate with other members that will complement your solution and create new business opportunities
Leverage online training and certification courses to support your customer with confidence



What is the TagoIO Partner Program?

The TagoIO Partner Program is a program designed to help businesses that provide solutions, components, connectivity, or consulting for any part the IoT eco-system to gain exposure at the TagoIO global community. These partners share how they may assist customers to design or speed up IoT projects through their innovative solutions and capabilities. The program makes it easier for leads and customers to find partners from our TagoIO partners locator page, technical events, trade-shows, webinars, and social media campaigns.

Why should I join the TagoIO Partner Program?

As a member of the program, your business, products and solutions will all gain exposure on our website and TagoIO admin to over 5,000 developers worldwide, along with the opportunity to collaborate with other eco-system partners. You can leverage our brand as a certified partner. Together, we will work to generate more leads and business opportunities in events (virtual and face-to-face) and social medias.

What type of organizations should join the TagoIO Partner program?

The TagoIO Partner Program was designed to engage with Network Providers, Device Manufacturers (design and sell hardware), Consultants (technical and business experts), and System Integrators with knowledge in IoT in different areas and a clear understanding of how to use TagoIO's tools to solve the problems. It doesn’t matter the size of your company, or where you are located, you can capture value by engaging in different levels of the program.

What are the requirements to be accepted in the program?

As long as your company provides solutions or products to the IoT industry AND has a clear understanding of how the TagoIO platform can be used to complement them, we encourage you to apply. Take a look at our current list of partners for reference.

What support does TagoIO provide to partners?

Depending on the type of partner you apply to become, a TagoIO member may need to validate your solution (e.g. a new connector for an end-device or an integration with a network) before releasing it to the community. In this case, TagoIO provides all the documentation for you to implement it, and if you face challenges due to issues on the TagoIO side, we will help until it is solved at no cost. Also, TagoIO provides several training materials and meetings at no cost (or at reduced cost in some cases) for partners to keep up to date and to deliver solutions to their customers with confidence.

How do I apply to the TagoIO Partner program?

It is easy! Request to become a partner, fill the form with your company profile, logo, and descriptions, and submit for approval. You will be able to track the status of your application from the Partner Portal.

Can I leverage the TagoIO brand in my products and solutions?

Definitely! We expect this partnership to generate more leads for your business also by having the TagoIO logo displayed in your website, products, and other marketing collaterals. Depending on the type of partner you fit into, a certification may be needed in order to validate the solution or integration (e.g. device manufacturers adding hardware to our list of devices)

Is there any fee to join the TagoIO Partner Program?

No. It is completely free!


"By working side-by-side with TagoIO, I3C have been able to successfully deploy key initiatives that continue to attract and retain customers that now can see the value that IoT can bring to their businesses."

Maikon Ulrich - CTOI3C Soluções
Maikon Ulrich - CTO

"TEKTELIC is proud to partner with TagoIO to bring comprehensive IoT solutions to our customers, giving them more information at their fingertips than ever before, and TagoIO is making it easier for end users to leverage this data to make smart decisions about their business"

Roman Nemish - presidentTEKTELIC Communications
Roman Nemish - president

"Having architected, built, and tested IOT solution for a variety of applications, Device Solutions and TagoIO are uniquely positioned to help IoT solutions get to market efficiently."

Bob Witter - CEODevice Solutions
Bob Witter - CEO