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ELDORADO Institute

ELDORADO is a Brazilian reference in research, development and innovation in the areas of software, hardware, systems, processes and tests of electronic products, besides professional training in these areas, thanks to its highly qualified management and to its processes, certified by leading international norms. In the market since 1999, the institute is under the spotlight in the areas of Information Technology and Communications. In total, we sum around 800 employees. With expertise in several areas, such as mobile, automotive systems, cloud computing, SAP, BI and microelectronics, Eldorado has one of Brazil’s greatest competencies in operational systems and applications to platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. Nowadays, the Institute has a customer portfolio that concentrates leading national and multinational companies, with cases in several economic sectors, such as banking, educational, governmental, health, energy, manufacturing, telecommunications and media.

Sectors: Transportation. Agriculture. Energy. Buildings. Supply Chain. Cities. Industrial. Retail. Healthcare.
Partner type: Consultant.
Phone: (+55 19) 3757-3000
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